Bold and Beautiful Yellow!

Let’s talk about yellow.

Not THIS “Yellow”, though it’s an awesome song.

Let’s talk about the color yellow. 

As you can see, yellow comes in so many shades. This handy document displays 24 shades of yellow (and their hex code equivalents, if you are interested in that sort of thing). 

As you can see, there are so many beautiful shades, ranging from brownish to greenish to the yellows that most of us know.

It is scary to some of us to wear this bold color. I, too was once scared of it, but then my mom got me a mustard yellow skirt from a fashion line called Cabi. It totally changed my mind about wearing yellow!

Soon enough, I was pairing that skirt with a favorite black shirt of mine, and I felt super confident! I loved the way the colors coordinated with each other. So I decided in my Pinterest-crazed state to build a yellow-themed fashion board and write some tips for wearing this awesome color. Without further ado, here are three wonderful ways to wear yellow:

I hope that helped inspire y’all to step out and wear some yellow!

Seasoned yellow-wearers, what is your favorite way to wear this fabulous color? 

Until next time, 



Getting Inspired

So I was on Pinterest an awful lot today looking for inspiration for future shoes. I’ve also been looking to get a handle on who my shoe designs might speak to.

So I made a Culture board for skate, grunge, and other sub cultures’ photos. My aunt says that the sneaker designs might appeal to skaters, so I’ve been on the hunt for skater-y looks. This board kind of exploded in number of pins, as many of my others have. Shoes similar to the ones I am working on pop up in a TON of the pictures on the Culture board, like these:

So far, the sneakers seem to be matching somewhat well. I “somewhat” because most of the designs I have made seem more like they would belong to a skater who is wanting to go to very wild, very neon parties in their spare time, which is not something I see most skaters doing. So I’m not sure where they stand here.

But the boots…..

Those could introduce a whole new segment of interested people. As I said yesterday, people wear the kinds of boots I would be working with to go dancing. Different kind of person, different kind of shoe, SOME possible overlap.

I don’t know yet, though. All I can say is,

Keep going to wild neon parties, skaters!

Here’s the board in question as a whole.

I ALSO stumbled upon a Joann Fabrics while my husband was in a computer store and did some recon/research for the boots to see what kinds of embellishments I wanted for the boots in an ideal world.

I found some lace I absolutely LOVED (see below)

black lace

and now I am curious about how in the heck I would get it onto the boots. The lady at Joann said to use fabric glue and made reference to a section in the back of the store that I never got around to seeing. That’s my mission for next time. I got plenty of inspiration for the lace from Pins like this.

Back to business, humans of WordPress. See you soon!

Pinterest Adventures/Rockin’ Red/New Boots

Awhile ago, I hand painted shoes. They were a little sloppy-looking, but I cleaned them up today and they look super nice!

I took a few pictures of them, along with my Blue Skate Sneakers and posted them on my Etsy page. Now, I decided I could either keep posting pictures of shoes on my Instagram account and have the pictures continue to be hit or miss in regards to people seeing them, or I could bring out my inner curator and try Pinterest.

I used to love Pinterest around the time I was 15 until I became a Tumblr addict. Anyone who knows Tumblr knows that it’s gotten a bit….weird in recent years, so I have migrated back to Pinterest to try it out again.

I posted the (original) Rockin’ Red Shoes,

and began to build a pin board around it.

Well, 150 pins later, I bought two pairs of boots off of Amazon. I was – am – inspired. One pair is bright red, the other maroon. After spending some time with these pins, I have PLENTY of ideas.

I’m thinking of black and silver embellishments on the red ones, and maybe some lace, as well.

I have more thinking to do about the maroon ones, but I was picturing gold, and a lot of it. They get here in a week and some, so I’d better get designing in the meantime. Check out the Rockin’ Red board here!


Welcome to the land of the weird and wacky!

Once of my favorite things about being an artist and a designer is exploring JUST how wacky I can make my designs and what would be needed to pull them off. Take the Burst shoe design, for example (featured here). It’s got a load of weird neon colors that are hard to find matches for.

I set off to do just that. After about an hour and a half, I finished this serving suggestion of sorts*. I did my best to bring out all of the colors in the shoe design as well as working toward a cohesive whole.

I love what I do. I hope you do, too. You deserve that.

*I didn’t design all of the items, just the shoes!

Hello/Craft Fair/Roberta

Hello, I’m Meg Jam, and this is my blog.

I recently relocated to Alaska from Texas after I married my wonderful husband, and am finding my way around little by little. This journal involves music, art, design, and a lot of fun. I am the owner and designer of Golden Apple Shoes, and this blog also serves to chronicle this part of my life.

I am currently at a craft fair in Anchorage essentially advertising my shoes. My husband is beside me, and we’ve been here for awhile. I haven’t made a sale, but several people have taken cards

and the shoes

are beginning to speak for themselves.

By “speak for themselves”, I’m finding that the shoes will attract the kind of person that wants them without me having to say much. It’s kind of magical. So all I have to do is hang out and hand out business cards. Something good will come of this.

I also recently rediscovered an app that allows me to make fashion collages. So I took my shoe design Roberta and paired them with other pieces from the app. The result was most excellent.

I’m glad I’m here. We’re here to advertise, and it’s successful even if we don’t close a sale, and I’ve made some really cool friends. I’m gonna walk around in a bit and get some business cards from other vendors.

Have a nice day!